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Without water, there would be no life on our planet, but in today’s urban environment, water presents a double-edged sword. Known to chemists as the “universal solvent,” water must be channeled away from airports, highways, ports, and other facilities, where its presence becomes a safety issue and a maintenance challenge.

While manhole assemblies control entry to the subsurface infrastructure they protect, drainage grates by Weed Precast welcome water. Weed Precast began manufacturing drainage grates soon after it began manufacturing manhole assemblies; somewhere in the world sit drainage grates that are more than 30 years old.

All drainage grate assemblies (the grates and the frames that surround them) perform the same tasks: They capture water runoff and transport it to a tube or pipe, reducing ponding. A linear system of grates can capture a vast volume of water from a site—one reason they are favored for airports and highways.

Product Dimensions:
  • 24" H2o Watertite Frame & Cover
  • 21" x 23" NH DOT Type B Frame & Grate
24" H2o Watertite PDF
21" x 23" NH DOT Type B PDF

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