(MAIN) 20inch D-Box with Grate

20″ Round Catch Basins

We have your solution to all of your drainage needs with our new 20” Drain, Valve, & Meter Box! This box is great for large applications such as golf courses but is also a suitable size for the home. There’s no need to worry about different colored fittings or plugs to inventory because as well as accepting 2”, 3” & 4” pipe, our box can also accept 6” pipe. Our 20” Round Catch Basins will also accept Polylok 20” Risers so you can easily bring the Drain Box to grade. It is the most versatile Drain Box available on the market today!

U.S. Patent No# 6,666,349 & 6,817,631

Product Dimensions:

Easy to install
Accepts risers to bring to grade
Accepts 6", 4", 3" & 2" pipe
Pipe can be installed at various heights
Installation Instructions:
1. Carefully cut out required opening in the box with a knife.

2. Install seal from INSIDE the box.

3. Screw on the nut from OUTSIDE the box.

4. Tighten to provide a watertight seal.

5. Remove the correct size tear out on the seal. TEAR OUT- DO NOT CUT OUT.

6. Slide the pipe into the seal.

7. Snap the stabilizing feet into the sockets at the base of the box. (12" only)
Special Instructions for Installing 4" Corrugated Pipe Only:
1. Remove the 4" TEAR OUT on the seal. TEAR OUT DO NOT CUT OUT.

2. Carefully cut between raised ribs on back of seal in all 4 places.

3. Push corrugated pipe into seal.

3017-206-7 20'' D-BOX 6 AND7 HOLE (1).pdf
3017-20 20'' D BOX 8 HOLE_0.pdf
3017-207C 20'' D-BOX 7 HOLE CUSTOM.pdf

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