20″ Distribution and Valve Box (8 Hole,7 Hole, 6 Hole)

We have the solution to all of your onsite needs with our 20” Distribution Box! This box is great for large or small applications. No other box allows you to choose where to set your inlets or outlets. There’s no need to worry about different colored fittings or plugs to inventory because as well as accepting 2”, 3” & 4” pipe, our equal flow distribution boxes can also accept 6” pipe. Our 20” Distribution Box will also accept our 20” Risers so you can easily bring the box to grade. It is the most versatile Distribution Box available on the market today!

Product Dimensions:
  • Easy to install.
  • Accepts risers to bring to grade.
  • Accepts 6", 4", 3" & 2" pipe.
  • Pipe can be installed at various heights.

NOTE: Not recommended for burial below 4 feet.

3017-206-7 20'' D-BOX 6 AND7 HOLE.pdf
3017-20 20'' D BOX 8 HOLE.pdf

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