12″ x 6″ Risers

Our Risers can be cast into concrete or used with the Polylok D-Box. They come with a flat cover, galvanized steel grate, plastic grate, or with an inspection port. All of our risers have structural ribs on the inside preventing frost from adhering in frost prone areas. Polylok’s Risers are the only risers on the market to offer this unique feature.

Product Dimensions:
  • Heavy duty structural rib reinforcement for extra strength
  • Green opaque color for UV-Ray protection
  • Visible, molded warning placards
  • Risers can be cast in, or be used with 12'' Plastic D-Box
  • Structural ribs inside prevent frost from adhering to the riser in frost prone areas
3017-RL 12'' RISER-LIP.pdf
3017-R 12'' RISER.pdf

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